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Lily Streeter

Slim Magick Eye Cigar Band

Slim Magick Eye Cigar Band

We have been waiting for the right time to release this very special ring - and with the current chaos reigning, now seems a good a time as any.

We are proud to present the Magick Eye Cigar Band Ring, the first collaborative piece made by Alex and his daughter Lily. 

Hand-carved by Lily in wax under the careful watch and tutelage of Alex, the Magick Eye combines two powerful ancient symbols into one fearsome ring. 

A pentagram within a circle, known as a “pentacle”, originates from the french word for talisman and maintains a long history of of use against evil spirits.

The Emblem of the Eye of Protection is an even older motif, dating back thousands of years to Ancient Mesopotamia. Since then the Eye has been worn around the world as an amulet to ward off evil, its modern day equivalent known as the Evil Eye.

We offer this ring to you as a small personal talisman of protection, a token of hope in a world full of uncertainty and turmoil. 

Bronze and Sterling Silver

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