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Lily Streeter

Three of Swords Signet Ring

Three of Swords Signet Ring

A variation of the most infamous Tarot Card in the deck, the Three of Swords. The classic Three of Swords card features a floating heart pierced by three swords; its appearance tells of coming heartbreak, loss and betrayal.

This ring is for the ones who've been through it all and made it through to the other side. A symbol of strength through suffering, this version is missing its heart - for what is gone can never be broken anew...

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A variation of the Lunar Signet Ring, this ring features a beautifully textured band that recalls the pitted surface and craters of the moon.

What is your personal sigil? The Lunar Signet Ring can be engraved with your symbol of choice! To place an order for a Custom Lunar Signet Ring, shoot us an email to


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