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Lily Streeter

Amethyst Artemis Necklace

Amethyst Artemis Necklace

Inspired by the hand-carved Arrow toggle that fastens this necklace, this piece is named after Artemis, master archer & the ancient goddess of the Hunt…


I liked the concept of pairing something delicate (a necklace) with something strong (weaponry) to show that we can exist as both. 

In the west, Amethyst is known as the "stone of tranquility” and was considered a symbol of royalty in the Middle Ages. It is said to have a calming presence, helping to soothe stress and strain. Amethyst was the favorite stone of Leonardo Da Vinci, who believed it helped him to keep a balanced mind, remove poisons from the body and get rid of evil thoughts.

Sterling silver set with ethical lab-created Amethyst. 

Different to CZ or other simulated gems, Lab-created amethyst is part of the corundum family, with a hardness scale similar to that of sapphire and ruby.

Choice of length available.

Necklace pictured measures 18" 

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