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Lily Streeter

Amethyst Little Lilith Necklace

Amethyst Little Lilith Necklace

Introducing the newest member to the world of Lillith Æternal - the Little Lillith Necklace - now available with your choice of garnet or amethyst!

This piece was carved by Alex’s daughter Lily, combining multiple ancient symbols into one powerful emblem.

This unique version of the symbol of Lillith is comprised of a Crescent Moon and Guiding Star, which hold a brilliant gemstone aloft.

The Little Lillith choker necklace is suspended on a 16" diamond-cut chain, a type of chain that is specifically faceted to add a bit of extra sparkle.

The Amethyst, a striking violet variety of quartz, was considered a symbol of royalty in the Middle Ages and was often discovered in the ancient graves of the Anglo-Saxons. Known as one of the master healing crystals, Amethyst is said to have a calming presence, helping to soothe stress and strain. Amethyst was the favorite stone of Leonardo Da Vinci, who believed it helped him to keep a balanced mind, remove poisons from the body and get rid of evil thoughts.

It is our hope that this little necklace will harness these valuable properties of healing and strength for you along your journey, wherever it may take you. 

To embrace Lillith is to harness the power of the darkness within.

To order this necklace with a different chain length or stone option, feel free to shoot us an email at - we would love to make it for you!

Sterling silver 3/4" Pendant 

16" Diamond-cut sterling silver chain

More about Lillith...
Lillith - A figure condemned by many, venerated by the few. According to various ancient Hebraic texts, Lillith was Adam’s partner before the creation of Eve. Born of the same flesh as Adam, Lillith refused to submit to her husband’s will and thus was relegated to the underworld, where she flourished and became an arch-demon.

Today Lillith remains a controversial figure - a symbol of female strength and divine power whose mysterious origins may stretch back even further to Mesopotamia and the dawn of civilization...

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