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Lily Streeter

Ritual Dagger Pendant

Ritual Dagger Pendant

Introducing the Ritual Dagger: a new work hand-carved by Alex’s daughter Lily. The Ritual Dagger is a miniature offering, measuring just 1.5” long. Add it to your own chain or select one of ours in your choice of length…

This little dagger is inspired by the ceremonial blade commonly used in various pagan traditions, also known as an “Athamé”. These blades are thought to channel energy; they are used to draw the symbols and boundaries of the magick circle. In order to draw a pentagram, the blade must be-double edged in order to move forward and backward with ease.

The double-eged blade carries an additional symbolic meaning - while these ritual daggers are never intended to do harm, one must always be aware that even positive actions can have negative consequences. This necklace serves as a reminder of the power of intention, and a symbol of personal strength.

Sterling silver


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