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Lily Streeter

Size 8 Lilith Lunar Signet Ring

Size 8 Lilith Lunar Signet Ring

Introducing the Lilith Lunar Signet Ring - a brand-new carving by Lily Streeter. The Lunar Signet Ring is an ode to the Night, featuring a beautifully textured band that recalls the pitted surface and craters of the moon. This ring was first carved in wax, its sides painstakingly textured by hand & its smooth face polished to a mirror finish. Finally, the Lunar Signet Ring was engraved with our unique version of the Lilith Symbol - a reimagining of the classic glyph featuring a moon held aloft by a guiding star.

What is your personal sigil? The Lunar Signet Ring can be engraved with your symbol of choice! To place an order for a Custom Lunar Signet Ring, shoot us an email to

Who is Lilith? 

A figure condemned by many, venerated by the few. According to various ancient texts, Lilith was Adam’s partner before the creation of Eve. Born of the same flesh as Adam, Lilith refused to submit to her husband’s will and thus was banished to the underworld - where she flourished and became a powerful arch-demon! Today Lilith remains a controversial figure - a symbol of female strength and divine power whose mysterious origins may stretch back even further to Mesopotamia and the dawn of civilization.

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